2016-02-09 - picture gallery

Mistress Jade lazes on the sofa and plays with her phone while her slave gets busy worshipping on her pink socks





2016-02-05 - video clip

Mistress Starri orders her foot slave to remove her sneakers and worship on her sweaty white socks to amuse her





2016-02-01 - video clip

Mistress Anna is back from her jog and summons her slave girl over to remove her sneakers and smell on her sweaty socks





2016-01-28 - picture gallery

Mistress Starri orders her slave to give her tired feet a nice foot massage before she makes him worship on her long white socks





2016-01-25 - picture gallery

Mistress Anna is back from her jog and lazes on the chair while ordering her slave girl to smell and taste on her sweaty socks





2016-01-21 - video clip

Mistress Jenna makes her human foot stool get on his knees and worship on her socks





2016-01-18 - video clip

Mistress Jade rests her tired feet on the stool and orders her slave to taste and worship on her sweaty socks





2016-01-14 - picture gallery

Mistress Jenna is having fun looking down at her slave who is busy worshipping on her socks





2016-01-11 - picture gallery

Mistress Jade rests her socked feet on the stool and makes her slave worship on them





2016-01-07 - video clip

Mistress Kylie plays and smothers her socks over her slave's face lying at her feet





2016-01-04 - video clip

Mistress Cameron comes back home and sits at the stairs pulling on her leashed slave to worship on her well worn socks





2015-12-31 - picture gallery

Mistress Kylie teases and plays with her slave's face using her socked feet





2015-12-28 - picture gallery

Mistress Cameron is back from a hot day outdoors and she has a treat for her foot slave making him lick on her sweaty socks before gagging on them





2015-12-24 - video clip

Mistress Sandi smothers her socks all over her slave girl's face while she tries to massage for her under her feet






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