2018-06-22 - picture gallery

Mistress Shavelle is getting ready for her workout in the dressing room and her slave gives her long socked feet a final worship before she moves off





2018-06-18 - picture gallery

Mistress Steph relaxes on her bed and orders her slave over to worship and sniff on her smelly socks after her gym workout





2018-06-14 - video clip

Mistress Shay is playing with her phone while her slave begs to worship on her socks and she finally give him permission to lick and suck off the foot sweat from her socks





2018-06-10 - video clip

Mistress Shavelle is busy talking on the phone while she smothers her smelly black socks on the face of her slave lying under her feet and busy worshipping on her foot sweat





2018-06-06 - picture gallery

Mistress Shay orders her slave to crawl over and kneel at her feet to worship on her long socks she's been wearing all day long while she checks on her phone messages





2018-06-02 - picture gallery

Mistress Shavelle sits on top her slave and smothers her well worn socks on her slave's face as he gets busy worshipping on them while she chats on the phone paying little attention to her sock slave





2018-05-28 - video clip

Mistress Shay is enjoying having her sweaty white socks sniffed and worship by her slave before he removes them to suck on her bare feet





2018-05-24 - video clip

Mistress Daisy lazes on her bed and has her slave worship on her sweaty socks and tired feet





2018-05-20 - picture gallery

Mistress Shay has her slave worship on her sweaty white socks after her cheerleader sesssion





2018-05-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Daisy lies on her bed and smothers her socks on the face of her slave lying at her feet





2018-05-12 - video clip

Mistress Shay sits back and teases her slave with her socks before he finally gets to worship on her socks and bare feet





2018-05-08 - video clip

Mistress Val buries her sweaty socks on the face of her slave who starts sniffing and worshipping all over her socks





2018-05-04 - picture gallery

Mistress Shay sits back on the chair and have a smoke after her gym session while her slave is on his knees sniffing and sucking on her sweaty socks





2018-04-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Val lazes on her designer cushion and enjoys a session of foot worship by her slave who gets busy sniffing and licking all over her sweaty socks






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