2016-09-30 - picture gallery

Mistress Abi is doing her work out while her slave is busy groveling at her feet and begging to worship on his Mistress's socks





2016-09-26 - picture gallery

Mistres Jen orders her slave under her feet as she buries her long white socks on his face and makes him sniff and suck on them while she ignores her and chats on the phone





2016-09-22 - video clip

Mistress Crystal is interviewing a cheerleader and makes sure she knows the rules by submitting to her sniffing on her socks and licking on her sweaty bare feet before she can pass the test





2016-09-18 - video clip

Mistress Austin lazes on her bed and orders her slave to worship and gag on her socks





2016-09-14 - picture gallery

Mistress Crystal turns her friend into her slave girl with a click of her fingers she drops to her knees as she is ordered to sniff on her Mistress's sweaty cheerleader socks before removing them to suck on her toes





2016-09-10 - picture gallery

Mistress Austin lazes on her bed and buries her socks on the face of her slave before ordering him to gag on it





2016-09-06 - video clip

Mistress Kaelin is lying on the bed with her slave girl and she orders her socked feet to be worshipped





2016-09-02 - video clip

Mistress Jen interviews her slave and makes him get down on his knees to worship on her long black socks





2016-08-28 - picture gallery

Mistress Kaelin orders her slave girl to her bed side and worship on her socks while she lazes





2016-08-24 - picture gallery

Mistress Jen sits back and enjoys having her socks worshipped by her submissive slave





2016-08-20 - video clip

Mistress Austin is working on her laptop while having her slave serve as her foot rest underneath as she teases him with her socked feet at times





2016-08-16 - video clip

Mistress Abi orders her slave to crawl over and worship on her orange and green socks on each foot as she buries them all over his face to get him to work





2016-08-12 - picture gallery

Mistress Austin is working on her laptop while her slave serves quiet under her feet as her foot rest to keep her warm





2016-08-08 - picture gallery

Mistress Abi orders her slave down on his knees to worship on her sweaty exercise socks after her jog






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