2017-01-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Jordyn sits on the chair at the dining table pays little attention her foot slave serving under the table worshipping on her sweaty white socks before she uses his face as her foot rest





2017-01-12 - video clip

Mistress Bella reprimands her servant for not keeping the washroom tidy as she sits on top of him and makes him remove her shoes and worship on her long white socks





2017-01-08 - video clip

Princess Allie removes one of her sweaty socks and stuffs into her slave's mouth to make him suck on her foot sweat while smothering the other sock all over his face forcing him to sniff hard on them





2017-01-04 - picture gallery

Mistress Bella smothers her long school socks on the face of her slave after school as she sits on top of him and buries them all over his face





2016-12-31 - picture gallery

Princess Allie teases her slave with her smelly black socks and is amused when she makes him suck on them





2016-12-27 - video clip

Mistress Jen is taking a nap on her bed while her slave sneaks in and takes the chance to worship and lick on his Mistress's sweaty socks after her tired workout





2016-12-23 - video clip

Mistress Chloe is back from a long day of sports as she summons her slave to worship on her sweaty long white socks while she lazes on the cushion and also worship on her bare feet





2016-12-19 - picture gallery

Mistress Jen is taking a nap on the bed while her slave sneaks in for the chance to sniff and lick on her sweaty black socks





2016-12-15 - picture gallery

Mistress Chloe gags her long white socks into the mouth of her slave who is trying hard to please and worship his Mistress





2016-12-11 - video clip

Mistress Jizzy is talking on the phone while she smothers her white socked feet over the face of her slave under her feet busy sniffing and tasting on her socks





2016-12-07 - video clip

Princess Allie forces her slave to gag and tasty on her smelly socks while lazing on the cushion





2016-12-03 - picture gallery

Mistress Jizzy talks on the phone paying little attention to her slave under her feet as she smothers her sweaty socks all over his face and makes him gag on them





2016-11-29 - picture gallery

Princess Allie is back from a long day outdoors and couldn't wait to make her slave sniff and taste on her smelly sweaty socks she's been wearing all day





2016-11-25 - video clip

Mistress Jen stops her slave from playing the guitar and makes him lick and gag on her socks instead






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