2018-03-20 - video clip

Mistress Arielle sits back and relaxes while her slave gets busy worshipping on her socks





2018-03-16 - picture gallery

Mistress Val teases on her slave girl with her long grey socks and she tries her best to please her Mistress's demands when she is ordered to gag and lick on her socks





2018-03-12 - picture gallery

Mistress Arielle sits back and relaxes while she taste her slave with the smell of her sweaty socks and having fun seeing him worship on them





2018-03-08 - video clip

Mistress Makayla sits back on the chair and summons her slave girl to worship on her long black socks before removing them to taste all over her sweaty bare feet





2018-03-04 - video clip

Mistress May has finished her gym session and is playing with her phone while she summons her slave to crawl over and worship on her colorful sweaty gym socks





2018-02-28 - picture gallery

Mistress Makayla sits back and enjoys having her socks worshipped by her submissive slave girl on her knees licking all over and gagging on her sweaty socks





2018-02-24 - picture gallery

Mistress May presses her sweaty socks on her slave's face after her workout as he gets busy worshipping on them while she sits back and enjoys the service





2018-02-20 - video clip

Mistress Val is enjoying life with a foot slave girl as she summons her to unlace and remove her shoes before she buries her smelly socks on her face and makes her worship on them





2018-02-16 - video clip

Mistress Arielle wants to punish her slave through her smelly purple socks as she makes him gag on them while she forcefully pushes her whole feet in to make him gag





2018-02-12 - picture gallery

Mistress Val interviews her new slave girl and observes the facial expression of her slave girl when she orders her to sniff her socks and lick on her sweaty foot if she is really the one for her





2018-02-08 - picture gallery

Mistress Arielle orders her slave to her bedside and orders him to worship and gag on her sweaty purple socks





2018-02-04 - video clip

Mistress Savannah has her slave girl give her a head massage before she orders her down on her knees to give her tired socked feet a nice foot rub and worship on her socks





2018-01-31 - video clip

Mistress Val sits on top of her bed and talks on the phone while teasing and smothering her smelly socks on the face of her slave beneath busy worshipping on them





2018-01-27 - picture gallery

Mistress Savannah summons her slave girl to give her a head massage before making her get down on her knees to worship and sniff on her colorful socks






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